UAVs are becoming more useful for many industries. UAS IMAGERY can integrate the use of drones into your company workflow saving you time and money all while increasing safety and efficiency. Contact us for more information on our applications to see how we can provide you with a seamless and professional imaging solution.

Drones can be used for aerial surveying, mapping and geospatial applications
Aerial surveying in the precision agriculture sector is highly useful and can save farmers a lot of time and money.
Mining and construction companies can utilise the use of drones to monitor and inspect assets while significantly increasing safety.
Drones which combine the use of thermal imaging cameras complete asset inspections on switchboards, powerlines and solar panels.


Aerial surveying using drones for large scale projects has become popular for insurance companies wanting to analyse widespread damage.


Mining companies are using aerial surveying drones to map open cut mines and complete 3D modelling and volumetric calculations.
Real estate agents are using drones to undertake aerial photography projects to increase sales prices.