If you are hiring a drone operating company for aerial surveying, asset inspections, mortgage field inspections, real estate aerial photography or for precision agriculture then you need to read this article about some of the factors that affect which drone operator you should hire. One size definitely does not fit all and you'll need to carefully consider your circumstances and the ability of the drone operator to fulfill your requirements.

Open cut mine surveying using drones can determine volume of stockpile calculations
Drones are revolutionizing the way the mining sector is operating. Find out how aerial surveying using drones can save you time and money and substantially improve safety and efficiency. Contact us to find out how drones in aerial surveying can help your company progress into the future.

Aerial surveying is benefiting businesses in dozens of different industries and you can benefit too, but what accuracy or requirements do you need? If you are looking to innovate your business, save time and money all while increasing productivity and accuracy of your projects, you need to read this article. We will explain (in plain english) about GPS, GNSS, RTK and PPK, their limitations, advantages and their disadvantages.